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The Modern Minuteman and Political Violence
It is an unavoidable fact that by taking on the sacred role of  Minutemen we must engage in significant preparation for and consideration of violence. The Modern Minuteman must be ready, at a minute’s...
Monday Minuteman Meme Dump #1
Starting today, we are going to be posting the best memes we have found around the internet during the week right here in the Monday Minuteman Meme Dump. Just trying to help start your week off right with...
An Introduction To Firearm Safety
Hello all and welcome to the first blog I have ever written. My name is Ian Smith, and I have been involved in some form of emergency, or military service for the last 20 years. At 15 I joined a volunteer...
Basic Rifle Class 7/09/2024
We have decided to arm our community through education. Yesterday we hosted a basic rifle class ran by our very own Ian Smith! Our goal was to provide a safe environment for people to learn firearm safety...
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